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Luglio, 2014

22Lug18:3023:00Killing Cangrande - Mystery Guided Tour


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0Special night with traditional “Cimbra” dinner


Killing Cangrande

Discovering the medieval Verona (and not only): play to solve a murder case of 700 years ago.

Verona, July, the 24th, 1329

It’s dawn when a long funeral procession enters from Porta Palio to the Church of Santa Maria Antica. On a hearse, the body of Cangrande della Scala, the lord of Verona, the friend of Dante Alighieri, who died just two days before in Treviso.

For centuries his death remained shrouded in mystery.

In 2004, an autopsy performed on the mummified body of Cangrande has lifted the veil and revealed the real cause of death: poisoning.

Are you ready to investigate a 700 year old murder?

Led by a local registered tourist guide, become real detectives and, walking through the historical centre, let the city of Verona – with the help of monuments, legends, riddles, games and clues – reveal this long buried truth.

Livea brand new experience

Explore the mysteries of the History

Visit in a new and different way one of most fascinating cities of all the world

Play using your curiosity and all your skills

Starting point: Castelvecchio Courtyard

Itinerary: Castelvecchio, Piazza Bra (Arena side), Santa Maria della Scala Church, Piazza delle Erbe, Cathedral (Sant’Elena Church), Sant’Anastasia Church, Scaliger Tombs.

All the monuments will be visited only from outside.

Duration: about 3 hours

Price: 50 euros. Includes “cimbra” dinner at the “Osteria Antica Verona”, with traditional veronese menù (beverages – wine, water and cafè – included) via Sottoriva Verona at the end of the experience.

Number of participants: minimum 12, maximum 30

 The tour will be lead in english

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(Martedì) 18:30 - 23:00



Castelvecchio, Verona