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Verona for Kids

Verona for Kids

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Iulius, a Roman kid, has to flee barbarians: he is forced to leave his village in the countryside, where he was born, and to seek refuge in Verona. In his trip, he will overcome a lot of trials, meet gladiators and Roman gods, pass through the old city’s gates and relax by the river. At the end, his parents decide to reach their relatives in Aquileia and leave Verona.

Explore the most important monuments of Verona with Iulius, a kid of the Roman period, fleeing barbarians, discovering the different sorts of gladiators who fought in the Arena and understanding the murky speeches of Roman gods.
Every stop is a game to play, a riddle to solve or a clue to investigate

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Tour Itinerary

Piazza Bra, Arena, Portoni Borsari, Piazza Erbe/Piazza dei Signori, Piazzetta Bra Molinari, Porta Leoni.
All the monuments will be visited only from outside (if interior visit isn’t specifically mentioned).
This tour can last all day long, adding the visit of the Roman Theatre (interior), and the Gavis’ Arch.