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La Pagina Perduta di Leonardo

Mystery Guided  Tour

Stored in the Ambrosiana Library in Milan for nearly 400 years, the Codex Atlanticus is an incredible collection of manuscripts of Leonardo da Vinci, preserved and collected after his death by his pupil Francesco Melzi. Papers overlap writings and drawings of miscellaneous topics: astronomy, biology, geography, chemistry, mechanics, anatomy … It was always thought that the drawings were in total 1750. But during the last restoration it was discovered a missing page… Find out what this lost page contained, investigating the betrayal, secrets and mysterious plots of the Sforza court in the period in which Leonardo lived in Milan.

Led by a local registered tourist guide, become real detectives and, walking through the historical centre, let the city of Milan – with the help of monuments, legends, riddles, games and clues – reveal this long buried truth.

Live a brand new experience

Explore the mysteries of the History

Visit in a new and different way one of most fascinating cities of all the world

Play using your curiosity and all your skills

Starting Point: Sforzesco Castle

Itinerary:  Sforzesco Castle, Piazza Scala, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, Piazza Duomo, Piazzetta dei Mercanti, Biblioteca Ambrosiana.

Duration: about 3 hours

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