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Mystery Guided Tour

The discovery was so big that, if revealed, it will be talked about for a long time.
The diary found was a real headache: the only clear element was that, whoever wrote it, found something very important for the city of Padua.
Donatello, Ezzelino, Pedrocchi and many other names were written on those pages: all the history of Padua is written in those notes!
And everything revolved around one word: “Palladio”
That the author of this diary found the mythical statue?

A guided tour to discover the history and the mysteries of Padua

The journey starts from mythology,  but proceed through the history of Padua: you will have to solve all the games in the diary, to discover all the clues hidden to protect the discovery.

Anecdotes, stories and curiosities will make you discover the city in a new light!

The monuments, squares and streets are transformed into places that are no longer passively visited, but necessary to solve the mystery.

A tourist guide leads the participants, who are divided into small teams, starting from Prato della Valle, passing through the city center to Pedrocchi in Piazza delle Erbe.

Two hours and a half, seven stages, always accompanied by a guide; in some stages a game to be solved, in others a clue to be inspected and evaluated, in others a new piece of history, up to the end, where you will discover – perhaps – where the mythical Palladio is.

Live a brand new experience

Explore the mysteries of History

Visit in a new and different way one of most fascinating cities of the world

Play using your curiosity and all your skills

Starting  Point: fountain of Prato della Valle, Padova

Itinerary: Prato della Valle, Church of Santa Maria dei Servi, Antenore monument, Palazzo della Ragione, Piazza dei Signori, Pedrocchi Café. All the monuments will be visited only from outside.

Duration: about 3 hours
The tour is led in English

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