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Lignano Bike Hunt

Lignano Bike Hunt

Lignano, The Hunt

In 1954 Hemingway visited Lignano.
He didn’t just come by accidentally.
The call of these places was very strong for him and had a name, the one of the woman he was in love with: Adriana.
He was impressed by the “Italian Florida”, a changing Lignano, and wanted to leave more than a memory behind: a present.
A game that would enable anyone to discover the beauty and the wonders of the place he had fallen in love with, and where he had spent unforgettable moments.
Today this present is what you are about to experience!

The Bike Hunt:

Lignano is nature, sea, a pine tree forest, sports… such a varied and beautiful area, which can be seen and experienced in many different ways. But certainly, thanks to its bicycle lanes and its beautiful paths surrounded by the sea, the pine trees, and the river, a special way to explore it is by bike!

In this game you will be able to move on two wheels and discover Lignano’s incredibly long bicycle paths, and find out that this is the best way to visit this wonderful resort!