Bando Regione Veneto

The Hunt

The Chinon Parchment

Perugia, The Hunt

It all happened very quickly: 13 October 1307, on the orders of Philip the Fair, King of France, all the Templars in France were arrested. All in one night, a simultaneous raid secretly prepared for months – says Regine Pernoud; preceded by a smear campaign against the victims and followed by a hopeless trial. This was how the order of the Templars suddenly ceased to exist.
Founded in 1118, at the end of the First Crusade, by the aristocrat Hugo of Payens, the Order of the Templars was originally composed of 11 French monks who, armed with only a sword, had the task of defending the pilgrims travelling along the holy roads between Jaffa and Jerusalem from the infidels.
The influence of the Templars expanded rapidly across Europe, and their wealth, mostly from donations, grew by leaps and bounds (they were one step away from inheriting the kingdom of Aragon in Spain).
The sunset of the Order began in 1307: accused of sodomy, betrayal, greed, and idolatry, hundreds of Templars were arrested, tortured and condemned to the stake by the French King Philip the Fair, perhaps intimidated by their power, and in 1312 the Order was suppressed by the Council of Vienna. For years, however, the Templars continued to thrive in secret, the guardians of immense wealth. They have been attributed many mysteries, from knowledge of the location of the Ark of the Covenant to the techniques that enabled them to build the great Gothic cathedrals.


The purpose of your team will be to help Michael Knight to find an important document, the Chinon Parchment, to exonerate the order of the Templars from the horrible allegations of which they were accused.
To succeed in this endeavour, you will have to prove worthy and pass all the tests that you come across.