Bando Regione Veneto

Il Giallo è Servito

The crime is served

The Dinner

A group of friends got together, like they usually did every two months, to have dinner.
This time Enrico planned it as celebration for his birthday. This time there was a new addition joining them: Luca and his wife Giada brought a friend, Laura. They aimed to introduce her to Giacomo, but unfortunately it wasn’t his lucky night.
In fact he’s now under arrest, in prison. He was found with a bloodstained knife in his hand and the victim lying at his feet. A victim indeed: the poor Sofia.

Since every clue clearly leads to just one suspect… why is the police taking so long to officially charge Giacomo?

The Events

Good food, good company and a crime to solve.

The event can take place entirely during the dinner: the participants will find on their tables the first police report and a map of the places where they are dining.
The pace of the investigation is based on the dinner (first course, second course, dessert, ecc…). A conductor (the Commissioner) manages the phases of the game and accompanies participants responding to their concerns, their questions and providing them informations and clues.