Bando Regione Veneto

The Tour


With Play the City – The Tour, the traditional guided tour turns into an engaging experience that makes visitors protagonists. The participants are involved in a story, a novel in which puzzles and games alternate to news about what they are visiting. Conducted in their discoveries by a tour guide, visitors-players get new clues and information that will lead them to the solution of the mystery proposed.

Features: The tour is for groups up to 35 people, divided into teams of 5-6 members. The experience lasts approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes and it is carried by a tourist guide. It is possible to book for more groups, spacing them 30 minutes.

Do you want to try a Play The City experience? Are you travelling with your family or a small group? Check our calendar! We can also organize a private tour just for you! Email us to get more information about our offers to or click here.


Killing Cangrande


Led by a local registered tourist guide, become real detectives and, walking through the historical centre, let the city of Verona – with the help of monuments, legends, riddles, games and clues – reveal this long buried truth.

Are you ready to investigate a 700 year old murder? The tour is available on request. More information here.

The Legend of  Romeo and Giulietta


Between history and fantasy, you will experience an unique and beautiful tale: the  birth of the legend of Romeo and Juliet right in the City of Love. Follow the trail left by Antonio Avena, a key figure in the history of Verona, and help him put together all the clues that will lead him to discover a different ending to the tragedy we all know. The tour is available on request. More information here.

The Shadow of Palladio


Mysteries shroud the last days of Andrea di Pietro della Gondola, known as Palladio. A even greater mystery shrouds his death: the precise date of death is not known, nor when or how he died. During the Tour «The Shadow of Palladio» you are called to solve games and collect clues to reveal the mystery about Andrea Palladio death. Thanks to all the information discovered at the end of the tour try to solve the mystery: who killed Andrea Palladio? More information here.

The Lost Page of Leonardo


Stored in the Ambrosiana Library in Milan for nearly 400 years, the Codex Atlanticus is an incredible collection of manuscripts of Leonardo da Vinci, preserved and collected after his death by his pupil Francesco Melzi. Papers overlap writings and drawings of miscellaneous topics: astronomy, biology, geography, chemistry, mechanics, anatomy … It was always thought that the drawings were in total 1750. But during the last restoration it was discovered a missing page… Find out what this lost page contained, investigating the betrayal, secrets and mysterious plots of the Sforza court in the period in which Leonardo lived in Milan. More information here.

The Treasure of the Knight Templars

(Sirmione – Garda Lake)

We found a diary… we don’t know who is  its owner… however  we know that it speak of Sirmione, the  Knight Templars, heresy, Catharism and many other things… we need your help to decipher  it and found the mystery hidden in Sirmione. More information here.

Verona for Kids


Iulius, a Roman kid, has to flee barbarians: he is forced to leave his village in the countryside, where he was born, and to seek refuge in Verona. In his trip, he will overcome a lot of trials, meet gladiators and Roman gods, pass through the old city’s gates and relax by the river. At the end, his parents decide to reach their relatives in Aquileia and leave Verona. More information here.

The Mask Collector


A few days before the beginning of the exhibition an envelope is found containing notes, letters and documents belonging to the thief … The material recovered contains a list of things to do, all linked to specific places in the historic center of Venice. Thanks to the experience of the guide who will accompany you in this exciting private detective tour of Venice, you will be able to follow the list and understand what is hiding in the places chosen by the thief… Will you succeed in deciphering his notes and help the police stop him before he steals the mask? More information here.

The Mystery of the lost statue


A guided tour to discover the history and the mysteries of Padua. The journey starts from mythology, but proceed through the history of the city: you will have to solve all the games in the diary, to discover all the clues hidden to protect the discovery. Anecdotes, stories and curiosities will make you discover the city in a new light! The monuments, squares and streets are transformed into places that are no longer passively visited, but necessary to solve the mystery. More information here.