Bando Regione Veneto


Where does the tour start?

The tour start in Piazza Matteotti, on the steps of the Chiericati Palace (Palazzo Chiericati)

What will you do in case of bad weather?

Our tours will start even in case of bad weather. Moreover the various locations of the tours are covered.

How can we pay?

You can pay with paypal or a bank transfer (you will receive specific instructions when you book).

Could we book a single tour just for us?

Sure!. Contact us if you want more information.

Do we need particolar historical knowledge on the subject?

Absolutely no. We make sure to slowly introduce you the history and the events that we narrates.

Are your tours available in other cities?

Our tours are available in Milan (“Leonardo’s  Lost Page”), Vicenza (“The Shadow of Palladio”), Sirmione (“The Treasure of the Knight-Templar”) and Verona (“Killing Cangrande” and “The Legend of Romeo and Juliet”).

Are pet allowed?


Are children allowed?

Absolutely! The tour, originally created for a more mature audience, is loved by children. The tour is free for children of 11 or below, to a maximum of one every two paying adults.