Bando Regione Veneto

Caccia al tesoro a Milano

Since our beginnings, Milan has shown great excitement for the treasure hunts by Play the City. Every year we have been there, each time with new urban games and tours to make you explore this beautiful city by playing.
Play the City created and consolidated three different treasure hunts with different themes and in different areas.

The Lost Page of Leonardo

Stored in the Ambrosiana Library in Milan for nearly 400 years, the Codex Atlanticus is an incredible collection of Leonardo da Vinci’s manuscripts. The drawings were always thought to be 1,750 in total. But during the latest restoration of the book, a drawing was found to be missing, and many have set out in search of it…

The Derby Tickets

Sara was looking forward to giving her present to her boyfriend: a special present she had struggled to get. Since Milan and Inter football clubs had been back at the top of the list, the Milan derby had turned into the game of the year and the tickets were pretty hard to get. They were supposed to meet at the San Siro stadium in the afternoon, but she could not find the tickets, she did not remember where she had put them! Then, of all a sudden, she remembered: she remembered she… forgot to buy them!

Eight women, one diamond

That diamond was the dream for any woman, but it Milan it vanished into thin air, together with the other precious stones that were on display with it.
The police, with timely investigations, have identified 8 suspects: 8 among the most famous female thieves in the world. They were all in town on the day the gemstone disappeared. Just a case?
After all, everybody knows it, diamonds are a girl’s best friend ….

Corporate events in Milan: with Play the City you can organise treasure hunts in Milan for teamwork and training sessions, for incentive meetings, team building events, and to celebrate company anniversaries.

Play the City not only offers treasure hunts, in fact for over three years now we have been able to offer you an interactive guided tour. You will be invited to investigate on the death of Gian Galeazzo Sforza, the legitimate heir to the Duchy of Milan. After his mother, Bona di Savoia, fell from grace, he became a sort of puppet in the hands of Ludovico il Moro.

Explore Milan, by following the tracks left behind by Leonardo Da Vinci, pass the tests and solve the riddles he prepared, and you will be able to unveil this mystery.