Bando Regione Veneto

What we do

We explore the world to thrill you, entertain you and surprise you. We do so with treasure hunts, interactive tours, and murder mystery dinner events.  Get on stage: Play the City. (Read more).

About us

Play the City was created to transform the way you look at the world: we tell stories to inspire a way of thinking that is research-oriented, even in everyday life.

Play the City provides an alternative way to become a protagonist, for everyone and therefore matching the need not to be passive subjects in the face of things, but to gain a direct experience, in person.

Our services

For everybody

Would you like to become a detective for a day? Would you like to test your abilities with puzzles, tests and all sorts of games? Find out more!

For your business

Would you like to promote your products? Gain more visibility? Or would you like to award your employees with tailor-made urban games? Find out more!

For Tour Operators

Would you like to offer alternative touring activities to your clients? We can offer events for every season, rain or shine, to explore the cities in an active, stimulating way. Find out more!